…your own Ajaxify file

You only have to do this, when deriving from Ajaxify, i.e. making your own changes to the source code. Otherwise, please follow the normal installation instructions

Six steps


  1. Replace “codedump=!1” in your Ajaxify file with “codedump=1” (in the minified “pO” code)
  2. Start Ajaxify, preferably in Chrome – the code for the functions created by pO is dumped to the console
  3. Comment out the line containing the above minified “pO” in ajaxify.js entirely
  4. Clean the generated functions – there are some superfluous logging notes, generated by the browser
  5. Exchange the original functions – those starting with pO(...) – with the cleaned generated ones
  6. Finally, minify the complete ajaxify.js file

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