5 thoughts on “Site relaunch”

  1. Great! WordPress is the best CMS.

    Meanwhile, could you please add an option to reload body classes for ajaxify?

    WordPress has a very nice function
    <body >
    useful e.g for styling active menu link

    Thank you in advance 😉

      1. Hi Artur,

        thanks for raising this interesting question!
        Is this similar to what you mean?
        (Please have a look at what Courtney + Dean answered…)

        Would “Courtney’s” workaround be ok for you?

        Otherwise, if you know a generic solution as a change in Ajaxify,
        I’ll be more than happy to include it in the next release…


        1. Hi,

          Yes, thanks, this is a nice workaround.
          I can just take off wordpress php body_class(); from body and put it on menu wrapper or navbar that is reloaded with ajaxify.

          From what I read it’s hard to refresh only attributes on body tag without fetching all the page content, so I can’t help you with the generic solution.
          However, I hope you’ll find a way for that and add a new option in future releases, it would be really nice.
          Thumbs up and keep up great work!

          1. Hi Artur,

            I’m glad the workaround is fit for your purposes…
            Yes, exactly, refreshing the whole body is not in the philosophy of Ajaxify.


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