Most recent enhancements in the “Ajaxify” plugin

Bug in form handling lifted New event ‘beforeload’ New public method to retrieve the XHR object New option inlineskip Adsense integration Cross domain forms handling refined Initial load – GET eliminated jQuery selector for ajaxifying forms Public method to jump to page programmatically Other page transitions out of the box – (todo) Simple slide/squeeze effect […] Continue reading →

New features of Ajaxify plugin

The latest version of Ajaxify, has new and exciting features: Only the most important are highlighted here: Greatly accelerated page loads Option “inline” to steer whether all inline scripts should be re-fired Class “ajaxy” to specify inline scripts that should be re-fired each time Option “inlinehints” to specify inline scripts that should be re-fired each […] Continue reading →


When developing the latest version of this plugin, I decided to craft this new jQuery plugin – getScripts: You can load multiple external JavaScript files dynamically that can depend on each other! The callback function is called only once… Usage $myScripts.getScripts(callback); // The getScripts plugin (function ($) { // The Scripts class var Scripts = […] Continue reading →

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