…to the console

Simple logging

You can seed your own logging messages in your unminified code to the console like this:

$.log("My message");

In order to enable simple logging, set verbosity higher than 0…

Second parameter

$.log() takes a second parameter for dynamically changing verbosity, e.g.

$.log("My message", 2);

…sets verbosity to 2 dynamically.

Advanced logging

There is a built-in and very powerful debugging feature that Ajaxify uses:

In order to enable advanced logging, set verbosity to a high value, like 10…


manually search for

  • logging=!1

in your Ajaxify file and set to

  • logging=1

Once enabled, you should be able to see chronological log of what code has been executed in the console

Fields shown

  • Depth
  • Function name
  • Parameter names
  • Parameter values passed

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