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…to the console

Simple logging

You can seed your own logging messages in your unminified code to the console like this:

lg("My message");

In order to enable simple logging, set verbosity higher than 0…

2 thoughts on “Logging”

  1. In order to enable simple logging, set verbosity higher than 0….

    Hey there, I came across this when googling a kind of weird jquery line and anyways crazy where things lead you sometimes cause I had no intentions of looking for a jquery plugin, but after reading some of your comments it lead me to this url and suddenly I became intrigued.

    I have a bunch of questions that I imagine are likely already answered somewhere on this site hahaha so I’ll explore more before I fusillade you, but 1 I couldn’t find an answer to was the logging thing? So you said to enable simply logging set verbosity greating then 0, but are you suggesting your plugin has some unique preset values that’d effect to the logging one would get displayed? Lol I feel like I’m asking a stupid question but I’m just curious if your suggesting certain values to verbosity with the plugin given unique logging outputs?

    1. Thanks and I’ll get back to you asap…

      But to cut a long story short:

      Yes, you can use “verbosity” to setup different debugging levels.

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