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Built-in – animation parameters

Default ist false (set off).

You can turn them on, by setting aniTime and passing some parameters in aniParams , that override these defaults:
These will only be applied to the main content element!

aniParams: {
    opacity: 1, //no fade, set to 0 for maximum fade
    width: "100%", //in percent -  "100%" means no change
    height: "100%" //in percent -  "100%" means no change

Other animation parameters

You can specify any parameters in aniParams that are understood by .animate()

How does it work?

  • Works on the main content element only
  • The parameters above specify, what to animate to in a first pass
  • In a second pass, the main content div is animated back to the original settings
  • These settings are mandatory, if and prior to using the built-in slideshow

Example – Parameters for a simple, fast fade and slide (50% – left first, then right)

aniTime: 200, aniParams: { opacity: 0, width: 50% }

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