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Optional Slideshow / Carousel



  • Illustrate swapping of HTML of whole pages without words
  • Illustrate programmatical swap of whole pages
  • Illustrate the built-in animations
  • Invigorate the whole site
  • Introduce the visitor to all indicated pages of the site
  • Make use of idle time of the visitor
  • Easy for the user to shut off again by resuming activity
  • Can improve traffic ranks
  • Gives rise to the convenient events below, that can be used for other purposes

How does it work? (currently requires jQuery)

  • Works together with the animations specified beforehand (optional)
  • Commences after the specified idleTime
  • Iterates through the menu items(pages) specified in menu
  • Swaps in all pages of the menu according to the specified slideTime
  • Stops when the user becomes active again

Source code

Include this file to bind-in

Example parameters – place in your main Ajaxify call

menu: ".menu-item a", idleTime: 60000, slideTime: 5000

Additional Pronto events exposed when enabling the slideshow:

  • pronto.idle – Fired when user was idle for the specified idleTime
  • – Fired when user becomes active again

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