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Ajaxify and Google Adsense Integration

Integrate Google Adsense into Ajaxify
Ajaxify and making dollars
Google’s TOS
This approach adheres to Google’s TOS in that it does not tamper with the JS code supplied by Google!

What’s different when using Ajaxify with Adsense?

If placed outside of swapped elements, the ads will remain the same across page loads, i.e. will not be refreshed. That does not affect earnings for a “click” but may reduce your “impressions”

Placement of ads outside of swapped elements (easy)

That is technically easy to do

  • Place the ads outside of swapped elements
  • You should not have to do anything else!
  • (The default value of inlineskip'adsbygoogle'prevents the ads from being fired each time)

Placement of ads in swapped elements

That requires more work


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