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  1. Hello Arvind,

    Firstly, thanks for such a great plug-in. Secondly, I would like to have my issue fixed on my website that I am confronting while implementing Ajaxify.
    is the URL of my website and developed in liferay CMS.
    I implemented the following basic script in the head of the master file;
    jQuery(document).ready(function () {
    as this is the CMS so the content/pages are dynamically generated through the following code;

    #if ($selectable)
    $theme.wrapPortlet(“portlet.vm”, $content_include)

    It’s working fine but my browser is getting heavy as well as console is getting errors which I am not aware of. After removing ajaxify, everything goes fine.

    Please help me with it so I can be 100% confident using it.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Farhan,

      thanks for using Ajaxify and posting the enquiry!

      I had a look and can verify, that Ajaxify is being loaded correctly as such. Initial load is performed alright, too…
      You’re using the default values, which is fine.

      Had a look at the console (in Chrome).
      There are indeed quite a few errors, I would suggest addressing the first one, as the subsequent errors might “bubble up” from the first one(s).

      The first error is:

      Liferay.Portlet.list (Cannot set property ‘list’ of undefined)

      …which means that


      is undefined.

      You mentioned, that everything works fine, when Ajaxify is disabled.
      So it might be timing problem, or a LifeRay file not being loaded correctly. I can see, that the LifeRay object is being defined in an inline-script in the head. That might be being called each time around, which might irritate LifeRay. Please also check out the functionality(parameter switches) available for handling inline-scripts within Ajaxify.

      Sorry, that I can’t be more specific at the moment…

      Thanks again and

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