…at a Pronto level

Pronto events exposed by the plugin:

  • pronto.request – Fired before new Pronto request is made
  • pronto.beforeload – Fired before new Pronto request is loaded
  • pronto.load – Fired after new Pronto request is loaded
  • pronto.render – Fired after new Pronto request is rendered
  • pronto.submit – Fired when a “form” button is pressed
  • pronto.error – Fired when $.ajax() fails
  • pronto.idle – Fired on specified interval of user inactivity
  • – Fired when user becomes active (again)

Events passed to the client from Pronto

The originary event is passed back from Pronto to the client in the first four cases.
You can access it like this:

 $(window).on('pronto.request', function(event, eventInfo){
     var target = || eventInfo.srcElement;
     console.debug(target) //target holds originary event info

In case of a pronto.error:
The error value of the failed $.ajax() call is passed back to the client.

18 thoughts on “Events”

  1. Hello,
    I’m trying ajaxify and it’s works. Correct me if i’m wrong. What I understood is the page we request is called from the server for the first time, right? But when we request the same page again it will be called from browser cache?
    Is there a way to force a link to make new request to server and not from cache everytime? Just like when we request it for the first time. But still in ‘ajaxify’ way without reloading.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Jarvis,

      thanks for using Ajaxify. Sure, what you could try very quickly is setting

      memoryoff: true

      in your call of Ajaxify…

      1. Hello again. Thanks for fast response. I’m a little bit lost here. Where exactly i put or set this “memoryoff: true” setting? Can you give me example. Thanks again

          1. Ah.. I see. Now it’s works the way I need it..Thanks again for this great plugin. Cheers ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hello,
    Thanks for this plugin. Works very well. But how to disable ajaxify on specific link and force full refresh?
    Thanks you

  3. Hello
    I’m just using this ajaxify plugin. Works very well. But there are a link that i need to full refresh a new page. How to disable ajaxify on just this link?

  4. how can exclude from ajaxify the links tath open sub-menu?

    with the selector not work for me …

    can you suggest me any solution?


  5. Hi!
    I have a problem: I have a multi-profile website, and I have an switch menu on the page, example:

    $lt;a href=””> Profile 1</a>
    $lt;a href=””> Profile 2</a>

    When i open, my session id will be changed.
    When I hover the mouse over an url, the page begin loading (or I don’t know), and the profile id will be changed, when I don’t click on the link.
    How do I disable auto loading on this links?
    Thanks, DaWe (sorry for my english)

  6. Hi, I am working on animating my ajax-enabled site. I am having one small problem. I can’t seem to get the exit animation to work. The site I am working on is available at I think the problem is that ajax is not waiting for the old animation to finish animating before loading and animating the new page. I am using Animate.css for animations.

    1. Hi Colton,

      Just guessing – could you use $.stop() before starting the new animation to kill the old animation somehow?


      1. That’s not the problem. The problem is that ajax is loading the new page before the exit animation finishes, and that is triggering the entrance animation. This would be easy to work around, because I could just wait for the old animation to finish, then start the new one, but it would not be desirable, because the page would change in the middle of the animation. I want the old page’s exit animation to finish completely before ajax loads the new page.

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