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Preview effect

The preview effect is not coded in the plain vanilla versions at the moment, but this may change soon…

Preview content on hoverIntent
Preview effect
– Saves time
– Results in a smoother browsing experience
– If the user does not have a mouse, e.g. in case of a touchscreen, nothing is done

Goes hand in hand with the prefetch and memory effects

5 thoughts on “Preview”

  1. When I turn preview for a specific url off, some weird things happen. All Links outside the dynamically loaded “content” container are loading when I hover them for a few seconds.

    For example, I set “previewoff: “logout”, and now the logout url is actually loaded and executed when I hover the link for a few seconds. And That does not only appear to the logout url, but to every url outside the dynamically loaded container.

    1. Hi Kev,

      I would like to forward this interesting enquiry to the guy who is good at testing.
      It would be ideal, if you could open up a GitHub issue on this topic?

      Would that be possible?

      Thanks and regards,

      1. Hi Kev,

        after reading through your enquiry once more, it came to my mind, that the behaviour you’re describing is actually perfectly normal given that you specified:

        previewoff: "logout"

        If you want less URLs to trigger the preview effect, you can add hints to the string above, comma separated.

        For obvious reasons, URLs in the content elements do not trigger the preview effect – perfectly normal…

        I’m calling it a day now – talk to you tomorrow!

  2. Hi,
    I like the preview effect, but it triggers too quickly. When I would click on i.e. “interface” in your navigation and then move with my mouse over any of the other buttons (moving my mouse to the content I want to read) the content is changed. I have to go “around” the navigation, trying to avoid any “preview-triggers” in order to read the site. Not so good for UX. Maybe you can add a delay before any action is fired?

    1. Hi Daniel,

      Thanks for trying out the Preview effect and posting this question!

      As you might know, it is triggered on “hoverIntent”. That’s by far not as sensitive as e.g. “onMouseover”.
      However, if you reckon the default parameters are too sensitive, I would suggest you try tweaking the “hoverIntent” parameters:


      please see hoverIntent documentation

      i.e. increase interval and reduce sensitivity

      …or if you feel that many users would find it useful, I could add the above two parameters to the jQuery interface of Ajaxify!


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