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On which browsers does this work?

This plugin works on HTML5 browsers and gracefully degrades, if the HTML5 History API is not available.

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  1. Hi,
    Thanks for creating this library.
    Where do I have to put the scripts:
    in the header ? or just before ?
    Do I have to use jQuery(‘#content, #nav’).ajaxify();
    or let ajaxify = new Ajaxify({elements: ‘#content’});

  2. Great respect for your work. It’s unbelievable that you provide this for free. I just finished testing your plugin. Works perfectly for my purposes. Hats off. Thanks a lot.

  3. Hi, this plugin looks clean and well organized, but I still dont get how to use it correctly. Is it also meant for bigger Webprojects? Websites that include a lot of server based code, databases and many more plugins. Or is the Idea of it, to “ajaxy” little Websites that already exist?

    1. Hi, a high-level question for a change – thanks for that!

      I would like to answer with a clear “yes”. The aim of this Ajaxify plugin is to address as many types of sites as possible, also highly complex ones and written with various types of CMS’s.

      Here is the most prominent example site – Beinsports, that uses Ajaxify.
      (Just verified, that they are still using Ajaxify – search for “ajaxify” in that file)

      Also, 4nf.org itself uses WordPress as a CMS and employs several WP-plugins for syntax-highlighting, emojis, share buttons etc.
      (Using WP obviously entails having an underlying database)

      Finally, you can also see other examples with varying complexity in the demos section – quite a few examples that use Bootstrap as a CMS)

      Which CMS do you aim to use? (I would say, that using a CMS is probably benificial when using Ajaxify)

      Ajaxify just basically works on the HTML your site renders (including as many features of HTML5 as possible).
      In this sense, it is not biased to any CMS / other tools or type of database.

      Answering the other question, Ajaxify should obviously be capable of being used on existing and new sites.

      However, you might need to customise your Ajaxify call a bit, as you say, for special or more complex features…

      Feel free to ask more in-depth, if you need more assistance…


      1. Hi, thank you for replying and for these few examples. But theres one thing – I dont use any cms. But I guess that is no problem. I just have to understand how the structure of my project has to be, to work properly with ajaxify.

        Or do you think its a bad or “uncomfortable” idea to use ajaxify without a cms?

        1. Hi Kev,

          of course it is not mandatory to use a CMS. One advantage of a CMS is consistency across all pages of the site and the encapsulation of lower-level tasks.
          Go for it!

          Cheers, Arvind

    2. Hi Kev,

      because you were asking about more complex sites – here are two more:

      (can also be seen towards the bottom of the demos page)

      I believe at least one of them, if not both also use WooCommerce.
      The creator of these sites – Matt Down – affirmed, that Ajaxify from 4nf.org was the first plugin to cooperate well with WooCommerce…

  4. Hello there!
    This plugin is simply amazing! Congratulations!

    I was wondering if it is possible to call the clicked link with the method POST instead of GET, and also if it would be possible to send a parameter within. I’m not sending a form, it is just a flag so my controller can request the right page in php.

    Thank you in advance for any light on that 🙂

    1. Hi there! Glad you like it!

      Interesting question. There is the possibility to toggle the mode GET/POST like this:

      $.rq("is", true); //set mode to POST

      …in case you can do that before firing the Ajax request…

      Do you have an idea how it might work yourself?

      Thanks once more for the very positive posting…

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