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Inline scripts and style tags

Transparency policy

Pertains both to inline and external scripts:

In the latest versions, scripts are passed through on a 1:1 basis. That means, that they are hooked out of the target page and hooked back into the main page without modification. That way, you have maximum control but also complete responsibility. Nevertheless, Ajaxify still has a read-only peek into the script text, giving rise to the following hints:

Detailed description of inline-script hints


  • “inline” set to “true”: All inline scripts are re-fired, no matter what the contents of “inlinehints” is, but excluding those specified in “inlineskip”
  • “inline” set to “false”: No inline scripts are re-fired, except those with class=’ajaxy’ and those specified in “inlinehints” (see examples below):
  • “style” set to “true”: All new style tags are loaded
  • “style” set to “false”: All new style tags are ignored

Example hints for inline scripts with “inline” set to true

Multiple hints have to be separated by comma + space

inlineskip Scripts skipped
‘adsbygoogle’ All inline scripts containing the string ‘adsbygoogle’

Example hints for inline scripts with “inline” set to false

Multiple hints have to be separated by comma + space

inlinehints Scripts re-fired
‘SyntaxHighlighter’ All inline scripts containing the string ‘SyntaxHighlighter’
‘SyntaxHighlighter, WP_’ All inline scripts containing the string ‘SyntaxHighlighter’ or ‘WP_’

Avoiding unwanted recursion

Inline scripts that contain the string:
"new Ajaxify("are NOT fired on subsequent loads!

41 thoughts on “Inline”

  1. Hello, I just found out this great plugin, however i have an issue.
    I have a couple script tags at the bottom of my document in the body tag, however after a new page is loaded it seems the scripts are not being loaded again when returned to a page that have been loaded earlier. I’ve basically done just Jquery().ajaxify, only option in there is the memory and i turned it off. I’d love to know how to fix this .

    1. Hi Emmanuel,

      thanks for your interest in the plugin.

      I can’t tell from what you’re describing. Do you have a link to your (test) site?

      Thanks and regards,

      1. Thanks Arvind for your reply, here is the test URL, .

        You could sample by clicking one of the links on the menu and go to the 404 page and return to the index, the ‘hello world’ in the app.js does not rerun and the svg-loader along other scripts does not seem to work.


        1. Hi Emmanuel,

          thanks for the link – I had a look at it.

          If you want any external script(like app.js) to be loaded each time around, you need to hint at them in alwayshints


          1. Hello, so I did as suggested! and I noticed that alwayshints keeps reloading the scripts specified every second indefinitely,
            Doesn’t that affect performance? also Svg-loader crashes because of that, it can’t be loaded twice etc..

            Regarding loading the scripts, could I use pronto load, event ? so i append them to the body after the page is loaded, if possible can i see a little script on how it’ll work..


          2. Hi Emmanuel,

            I don’t know then. Ajaxify expects a normal site to work on.

            Something about your site must be not “normal”…

            Best of luck and


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