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Please make sure that the following calls are after/within the jQuery Ready event.

Simplest plugin call


Place the following code anywhere you prefer

Ajaxifies the whole site, dynamically replacing the div with the ID ‘#content’ across pages

If several divs should be swapped, just specify their IDs like this:
jQuery('#nav, #content').ajaxify();

The plugin can take an arbitrary amount of IDs.  The last element in the selection, according to its order in the DOM is the main content element by default.

Setting maincontent

You can override the main content element by specifying e.g.

maincontent: "#content"

That is even obligatory, if the main content element is not the last / only element of the selection.

Options default values

/* basic config parameters */
    selector : "a:not(.no-ajaxy)", //Selector for elements to ajaxify - without being swapped - e.g. a selection of links
    maincontent : false, //Default main content is last element of selection, specify a value like "#content" to override
    forms : "form:not(.no-ajaxy)", // jQuery selection for ajaxifying forms - set to "false" to disable
    canonical : true, // Fetch current URL from "canonical" link if given, updating the History API.  In case of a re-direct...
    refresh : false, // Refresh the page if clicked link target current page

/* visual effects settings */
    requestDelay : 0, //in msec - Delay of Pronto request
    aniTime : 0, //in msec - must be set for animations to work
    aniParams : false, //Animation parameters - see below.  Default = off
    previewoff : true, // Plugin previews prefetched pages - set to "false" to enable or provide a jQuery selection to selectively disable
    scrolltop : "s", // Smart scroll, true = always scroll to top of page, false = no scroll
    bodyClasses : true, // Copy body classes from target page, set to "false" to disable
    idleTime: 0, //in msec - master switch for slideshow / carousel - default "off"
    slideTime: 0, //in msec - time between slides
    menu: false, //Selector for links in the menu
    addclass: "jqhover", //Class that gets added dynamically to the highlighted element in the slideshow
    toggleSlide: false, //Toggle slide parameters - see below.  Default = off

/* script and style handling settings, prefetch */
    deltas : true, // true = deltas loaded, false = all scripts loaded
    asyncdef : false // default async value for dynamically inserted external scripts, false = synchronous / true = asynchronous
    inline : true, // true = all inline scripts loaded, false = only specific inline scripts are loaded
    inlinehints : false, // strings - separated by ", " - if matched in any inline scripts - only these are executed - set "inline" to false beforehand
    inlineskip : "adsbygoogle", // strings - separated by ", " - if matched in any inline scripts - these are NOT are executed - set "inline" to true beforehand 
    inlineappend : true, // append scripts to the main content div, instead of "eval"-ing them
    style : true, // true = all style tags in the head loaded, false = style tags on target page ignored
    prefetch : true, // Plugin pre-fetches pages on hoverIntent

/* debugging & advanced settings*/
    verbosity : 0,  //Debugging level to console: default off.  Can be set to 10 and higher (in case of logging enabled)
    memoryoff : false, // strings - separated by ", " - if matched in any URLs - only these are NOT executed - set to "true" to disable memory completely
    cb : null, // callback handler on completion of each Ajax request - default null
    pluginon : true // Plugin set "on" or "off" (==false) manually

Animation parameters (aniParams)

Default ist false (set off).
You can turn them on, by setting aniTime and passing some parameters, that override these defaults:

These will only be applied to the main content div!

    opacity: 1, //no fade, set to 0 for maximum fade
    width: "100%", //in percent -  "100%" means no change
    height: "100%" //in percent -  "100%" means no change

Other animation parameters

You can specify any parameters that are understood by .animate()

Slideshow parameters

Please set idleTime and slideTime (in milliseconds)

Toggle slideshow parameters (toggleSlide)

Default ist false (set off).
You can turn them on, by passing some parameters, that override these defaults:

{ //defaults - if not turned off completely
    parentEl: "#content", //parent element selector, where the above image(s) will be prepended - a different value might be e.g. "article:first" 
    imgOn: "", 
    imgOff: "", 
    titleOn: "Turn slideshow off", //title tag when on
    titleOff: "Turn slideshow on", //title tag when off
    imgProps: { marginLeft: "85%", marginTop: "20px" } //style attributes of img

Public methods

Jump to an internal page programmatically:

Access the main content div"g");

Access the XHR object of the $.ajax() call

58 thoughts on “Interface”

    1. Hi Snehanshu,

      Thanks for the interesting question!

      There are several beneficial differences, when compared to a normal page load:

      1) In a first step, only the HTML(text) of the target page is loaded, not all the associated resources.
      2) This first step is done via a same-site Ajax request, which is quicker than the normal approach
      3) The HTML of the target page is then compared to the HTML of the current one
      4) Only the differences and the associated resources are injected directly into the DOM.
      5) To speed things up even more, there are the “memory” and “prefetch” effects

      Don’t you see an acceleration of page loads, when using Ajaxify?

      What’s even more important than the speed of loading is the user-experience, which should be much smoother (through the above factors).

      Even more important than the user-experience, is that, from a developer’s point of view, the plugin takes care of routine Ajax tasks(i.e. is an Ajax framework) and he can focus on the site-specific bits.

      Thanks and

  1. hello admin,
    thanks for the great plugin , i want to add some animations when pages are changing something like slide in slide out or fade in fade out can you please help


  2. Very kind of you, thanks Arvind!
    I’ll be very glad to see my site among your demos, let me complete it, I’ll keep you informed: I manage other sites and my idea is to apply ajaxify to all of them.
    As regards the bounty, I’ll take a look, but don’t get your hopes up, may be you are overstimating me..
    Soon I’ll post a new question.
    bye Arvind

  3. Hello Arvind,

    I’m testing the newest version of the ajaxify and my links get triggered on hover. How can I stop this. I want my users to click on links in order to access pages.


  4. Ajaxify is not working with bootstrap for special onload classes.

    like i want to use selectpicker with ajaxify its doesnt work.

    Please help me to do it.

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