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Ajaxify your whole site “out of the box” @forum.jquery.com

On which browsers does this work?

This plugin works on HTML5 browsers and gracefully degrades, if the HTML5 History API is not available.

GitHub project

This project has been released at GitHub and the version there is stable:

Ajaxify your whole site out of the box

The version on this site may be more advanced, experimental but less stable…

Plugin at plugins.jquery.com

We have also released the plugin at plugins.jquery.com:


Current version

– v5.8.0


76 thoughts on “Overview”

      1. Thank you!
        I have two more questions:
        Normally ajaxify change #article, but I have some “special” link, and I want to this links change #article and #nav, but not the all links, only the “special” links. What can I do?
        And how can I set ajaxify when you load a page, the browser will show the top of the page?
        Thank you very very mutch!!! Sorry for my english. :-)

    1. Thanks for the link!

      You need to perform two simple steps:

      – Include Ajaxify in the header of each page as indicated on Installation
      – Call Ajaxify like this: jQuery('#content-host').ajaxify();

  1. Hello i have this problem: website with some pages and a footer toolbar with radio player! How i can change page without stop radio?
    thanks too mutch.

    1. Hi Stefano,

      the music should keep on playing, if Ajaxify is set up properly.
      If possible, please drop a link to your (test) site…


  2. I’m trying to use this with a SharePoint 2007 site. I added this code inside the document ready event, but it doesn’t work (when I click on a link, it refreshes the whole page instead of only #itemPageWrapper).

    previewoff: false

    Please help.

  3. i’d used your js but when i’m redirect from my page to another page it shows error
    on javascript and template field
    i’m using asp.net with keno ui as my interface

  4. Hi Michael,

    Thanks ever so much for the hint at the double-GET.
    Yes, I trust it’s eliminated in version 2.7.0.

    Do you want to show us your website? (I’d also like to add you on the Thanks page)

    Yes, please drop another hint, if you find another bug…

    Love, Arvind.

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